Programmable Theater Lighting - (Five-Axis Electronic Fireworks)

Creating a part from plastic that is ultimately used in a high-heat environment creates some significant challenges. Profile engineers were faced with using multiple materials that inherently have different physical properties but needed to meet overall target pricing for the project.

The Profile Advantage:
Utilizing an aircraft-grade polycarbonate on a high-output theater lamp housing and a polycarbonate/ABS blend material on the supporting control housing, the physical requirements of the unit were achieved. Profile engineers suggested design options that enabled the customer to develop a two-piece lamp housing; this was a trim adjustment to the molded part so the same part could be used for the top and bottom. The design resulted in reduced tooling investment and more efficient and simplified production. In addition, the use of an articulating plug assist within the forming process maximized finished wall thickness with a thinner starting gauge material. This further contributed to the value of the overall part to this product.

Challenges met:
  • High-heat environment required utilizing two types of thermoplastic materials.
  • Common tool used to produce multiple parts resulting in lower tooling investment, simplified manufacturing.
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