We maintain state-of-the-art high pressure thermoforming machines to accommodate an extensive range of thermoplastic materials.
Profile Plastics has developed a facility, an organizational structure and a manufacturing process that allows us to consistently produce hundreds of thousands of parts per year. With the 50 years of thermoforming experience, Profile has established itself as an industry leader in providing solutions to OEM customers. Profile Plastics provides custom vacuum, pressure and twin-sheet thermoformed solutions that are highly aesthetic and dimensionally accurate. Our staff of engineers, our experienced and dedicated work force, and our state-of-the-art facility is ready to assist you in providing innovative solutions for your thermoforming requirements.

Challenges met:
  • High volume production capability, consistent quality results
  • Capacity to manufacture parts up to 8ft. x 12ft. from thermoplastics sheet up to 0.5" thick.
  • 100K sq. ft. production facility currently running 24/5.
  • Inventory storage capabilities to allow customers to maximize their JIT Goals.
  • Dedicated and experienced workforce of nearly 100 people.
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